ap2.py / ap2s.py

An example of interfacing with the Dynastream ANT USB2 stick.

The old AP1 USB stick used a CP210x USB->serial interface and was
therefore supported by the stock Linux kernel.

The new ANT USB2 sticks have a USB interface integrated into the ANT
radio chip ant do not use a standard USB->serial chip.

I peeked at the USB traffic on Windows to see what writing a driver
would involve, and it turns out to be very simple.  Just read/write
ANT messages on the default configuration, default interface, default

ap2s.py is the simplest-possible interface to the ANT USB2 stick.  It is
based on the pyUsb tutorial.

ap2.py is a pySerial-like wrapper to the interface.  This allows Quarq
to use our production test and bootload scripts unchanged.

Comments welcome.  The scripts must be run as root / administrator.
If anyone makes a udev rule, please share it with me.

Mark Rages, August 2010
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